Policies and Procedures

Upon entering the library, the users are required to log-in using the Computerized Attendance Monitoring Program located near the library entrance.

+SILENCE must be observed.
+Laptop bags, umbrellas and other bulky things must be deposited at the baggage area.
+Please do not re-shelve the books. Leave them at the return shelf for the library staff to re-shelve.
+Eating, sleeping and/or napping are not permitted in the library.
+Keep the library clean and orderly. Handle books and other library materials with care.
+All library users must switch their cellular phones into silent mode.
+Please be sure that all library materials are properly checked out before leaving.

The library staff reserves the right to inspect items as users leave the library.
The Librarian on duty has the right to call the attention of anyone who violates the library rules.

Borrowing Privileges
**All books must be presented to the Librarian first before loaning out.**

+Students are allowed to borrow a maximum of five (5) Circulation books for one (1) week. Monday is their due day. Faculty has a one semester loan period.

+The reserved books are on closed shelves so students must request the title they want to borrow from the Librarian. Only three (3) reserved books are allowed to borrow at a time for library and photocopy use only.
No borrowers card, no borrowing.

+Loaned materials can be renewed for a maximum of two consecutive borrowing if no one has placed a reservation.

+Books not returned within the due date are fined P20.00/day including Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.

+Examination week – students will not be allowed to borrow books for home use one (1) week before the final exam.

+During the final examination and vacation period, no book will be taken outside the library.